Exciting things are happening behind the scenes at Sock by Sock. 

As one of the founders, Star Sock has now become the 100% owner of Sock by Sock.

Our mission to save overproduced socks from ending up as waste is being perfected. We will drastically change the sock industry.
Over the next months we will show you all what we’ve been up to. Stay tuned and join our movement!

there's a party IN THE SOCK HOUSE

To all our fans, supporters and followers:
thank you so much for your support and trust!


We would like to give a special shout-out for donating to our cause to:
Jaycee, Nienke, Yvonne, Joost, Isaac, Branka, Mackenzie & Angelien.


We are also pleased to inform you that we will be donating a lot of socks to charity.
A huge thank you to these great people for making this possible:
Mendel, Steve, Frans-Jozef, Wouter, Madeline,
Eugene, Vincent, Sunshine, Karen, Sabine, Jessica & S.



We don't have a webshop yet. Until we do you can send us your contact info and we will inform you about our socks and purchasing options: info(at)sockbysock.org


We are on a mission to save socks from ending up as waste.
Each year millions of newly produced socks end up as waste without ever touching a single foot.
To end this madness Sock by Sock buys overproduced batches of socks from factories to make them available to you.
You can help us save socks from the fire.
Sock by sock.

For more information regarding our mission and activities contact us at info@sockbysock.org